Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know in order to run a Town Money Saver business?
You’ll need three to five years of outside sales experience, a full-time commitment toward building your business, and some computer experience. The Town Money Saver corporate office coordinates your graphic design, printing and mailing for you!
Do I have to be artistic and design ads?
No. We’ll train you on how to submit an ad, and our designers will put together the graphics for you. There’s no need for you to waste your time sitting in front of a computer and trying to draw — your time is best spent helping your clients.
Do I get a territory?
Absolutely! We will work with you to determine a territory that meets our demographic guidelines. Our territories are community-based so that your clients will get excellent response from your ads. You are offering LOCAL monthly advertising in a format that families tend to keep around all month. We mail to hundreds of markets with thousands of satisfied clients.
How do I make money?
You make money in several ways:
  • You receive revenue for selling advertising space to your client.
  • You continue to receive revenue from that satisfied client because of our high percentage of repeat business.
  • You’ll receive income from inter-market sales from other franchisees with no extra work on your part.
  • You’ll earn income from selling space in other franchisees’ mailers.

Your monthly revenue grows with every client you add and allows you to build a residual income.

Town Money Saver has a proven business system that offers your clients an effective, local advertising channel, which translates into business growth for you.